compass compass

2009 2009

First lines in the ship’s log

The idea is born of searching the world for the best flavours and bringing them to people so they can at least return to their memories of childhood.


2010 2010

We set out on the first expeditions

Exploring all corners of the world and seeking out retailers who make top quality confectionery in the craziest forms possible.


2012 2012

We match things together

So the very choice and purchase of our confectionery is an experience. We come up with a design for our stores, the atmosphere of which will immediately create a pleasing impression.


2013 2013

Stocks are filling up

Increasing quantities of confectionery make their way to our stockrooms until the stocks are finally full and we are ready to share the new treasures.


2014 2014

We open our doors.

The opening ceremony is held of our first store in Melantrichova Street in the very heart of Prague, the city of a hundred spires.


2016 2016

Expedition into unchartered waters

We leave our borders for the very first time and head for the unchartered waters of one of the most beautiful European ports, to Dubrovník in Croatia.


2017 2017

We conquer the Mediterranean

Italy can no longer boast a sea and sun. Tourists can now also admire our sweets in several stores at once!


2020 2020

We expand into Holland

Amsterdam is our next stop on the road to conquering Europe. Our sweets are bringing joy to more and more people.


2021 2021

We are setting off to other countries

The plans are clear, we are getting ready to go to Germany and it’s definitely not our final stop…

…the captain’s story continues!
Want to be first

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